© Watanabe Osamu
© Michael Strasser / TBA21, 2006-2007
© Niki Lackner / Landesmuseum Joanneum
© Niki Lackner / Landesmuseum Joanneum
© Jen Fong Photography / TBA21, 2008

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Jim Lambie

Zobop Gold, 2000

Gold, silver, black and white vinyl tape
Dimensions variable

Most renown for his psychedelic floor installations, Jim Lambie’s boogie-inducing stripes are modish cover versions of Gene Davis and Sol LeWitt, cleverly remixed to suburban beats. His Zobop Gold, a sprawling hallucinatory field, pays homage to expanded painting in the tones of every record sleeve favoured on the play lists of smoky working men’s clubs. The effect is overwhelming, magnetic and dizzying, defying sober perspective, humorously envisioning pub karaoke night as the last frontier of Buren’s aesthetic intervention.
(Patricia Ellis)

*1964 Glasgow, Scotland