The Morning Line

Vienna 2012

The Morning Line was conceived as an interdisciplinary platform structure by Matthew Ritchie, where artists, architects, engineers, physicists and musicians would each contribute their own specialized information to create a new form; a mutable structure, with multiple expressions and narratives intertwining in its physical structure, projected video and innovative spatialized sound environments. Saturated with over fifty speakers, The Morning Line is using a unique interactive multi-spatial sound system conceived by Tony Myatt and the Music Research Centre of York University.

As a result, the scope of the structure itself and its novel spatialization software suggested a new form of music written especially for this new kind of instrument. TBA21 commissioned an international group of composers whose work lies beyond the boundaries and the programming of traditional concert halls, to open up this forum to experimentation with different approaches and points of departures: from following the artistic concept of The Morning Line and developing a program of overlapping scores that musically parallel the fractal scaling of the architecture; to creating self sufficient works that treat the structure as an autonomous form of novel performance space and are diffused as autonomous works.

With the regular realization of Festivals for Spatial Sound and Advanced Music Compositions, The Morning Line – the “anti pavilion“ (10 meters high, 20 meters long, 20 tons heavy; 47 channels, 53 speakers) – is also a continuous investigation into the unexplored universe of experimental sound utopias.

For the Festivals for Spatial Sound and Advanced Music Compositions 2012 in Vienna, TBA21 appointed guest sound curators Boris Ondreička and Franz Pomassl/Laton who invited the musicians Asfast (Austria), 

Auxpan (Iceland), Benzo / Richardas Norvila (Lithuania/Russia), 

Kollektiv/Rauschen (Austria), 

J. G. Thirlwell (Australia/USA), 

Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden), 

Jana Winderen (Norway), 

Zavoloka & Kotra (Ukraine) to conceive new acoustic works, commissioned by TBA21. These new compositions were presented as world premieres in Vienna. For more details on the program of the 2012 Festival, please click here. 

Previous Festivals took place in Sevilla in 2009, Istanbul in 2010 and in Vienna 2011, the latter of which was accompanied by a symposium with an alternating series of panels, lectures and conversations which not only addressed the program of new commissions in Vienna curated by Franz Pomassl/Laton by focusing on the participants’ practices but also referred to key aspects of the project and the relationship between sound, architecture, contemporary art and science in general. (Symposium 2011)

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DAUER: June 7, 2011 - November 23, 2012

THE MORNING LINE could be visited day and night.
Sound installation: from June 1, 2012, daily 9am to 10pm


ORT: Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna

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Listen to some Excerpts of the Vienna Compositions 2011 on SOUNDCLOUD

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