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Unpredictability and Speculations

Lopud Academy 2012

2002 – 2012 – 2022: This year’s symposium on the island of Lopud forms the center of a sequence of dates dominated by the number two, and divided by gaps of ten years. The ten years between 2002 and 2012 have seen TBA21 grow from a small private collection to an art foundation that has established an international presence and esteem, but first and foremost a loose network of artists, performers, musicians, writers, curators, critics, and others who are actively or peripherally forming the art world. This network however is based – we would like to think – on a concept of mutual enthusiasm, on a desire to create and enable creation, and especially, on the notion of friendship.

The island, the number two, and the academy. Three concepts that contain much of what we hope to address this year on Lopud. The “secret society and eccentric commune“ we evoked in our invitation is certainly an insular model. We invite everyone to collectively retire to Lopud’s Franciscan monastery (please think of the word’s root: monos, or the monad, the arithmetical unity or Leibniz’s “ultimate unit of being”), to meet in conclave and to regroup at least for a few days as the heart and soul of the foundation.

The number two, then, shall signify a practice of dialog, or discourse, of action and reaction, of opposition or co-incidence. As Sandra Noeth has beautifully put it in her Wish for Lopud, “the figure of two invokes symmetries and reflections, serials, but also intersections, interfaces and transitions. It raises questions of the self, individuation, in- and exclusion and illustrates the dichotomous dispositive of theoretical reflection and aesthetic practice – of art and life.” The figure of two, then, shall serve as our notion of friendship.> >