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Exhibition Atopia: Migration, Heritage and Placelessness. Works from the TBA21 >>
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Elevator Bed A Night at TBA21–Augarten / Carsten Höller: Leben >>
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Exhibition Carsten Höller: LEBEN >>
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Carsten Höller: LEBEN

Carsten Höller's exhibition LEBEN at TBA21–Augarten is conceived as an experimental parcours. It pivots around a selection of works—some drawn from TBA21’s collection of contemporary art and others commissioned and conceived especially for the exhibition— that invite specific forms of interaction, induce moods and affects, and generate “oriented” behaviors. As an extension of the exhibition, the iconic work Y (2003) was installed in the Upper Belvedere’s stunning Marble Hall until September 13. The Elevator Bed (2010) can be rented nightly by guests in collaboration with Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom.
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DURATION: July 11 until November 23, 2014

LOCATION: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
TBA21–Augarten, Scherzergasse 1A, 1020 Vienna, Austria


A Night at TBA21–Augarten

Carsten Höller and TBA21, in cooperation with Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, are offering visiting guests an experience in the foundation’s exhibition premises in Vienna’s Augarten Park. During the period of the exhibition Carsten Höller: LEBEN (July 10–November 23, 2014), up to two guests are invited to book a night in the Belgian German artist’s acclaimed Elevator Bed.

Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna
E-mail: guestservices.vienna@sofitel.com
Contact: Volker Klier
Phone: +43 1 906 166 102
Wednesday to Friday 8 am–8 pm, Saturday 8 am–1 pm > >

DURATION: July 11 until November 23, 2014


ephemeropteræ 2014
7 spoken word performances

Every second Friday evening, from June 27 to September 19, the Augarten will be transformed into a site of hospitality and artistic expression. In 12 ephemeral episodes, the series explores the rich traditions and evanescent articulations of poetry, literature, performance, and language-based artistic practice by protagonists representing a wide generational and cultural range of interpreters.> >

DURATION: June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22, September 5, September 19 from 7 pm

LOCATION: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
TBA21–Augarten, Scherzergasse 1A, 1020 Vienna, Austria

International Projects


The Alien Within – A living laboratory of Western society

The eclectic installation Animatograph – Iceland-Edition (House of Parliament/House of Obsession) Destroy Thingvellir from 2005 by Christoph Schlingensief (1960–2010) forms the basis of the exhibition at Malmö Konsthall, curated by Diana Baldon, and realized in collaboration with TBA21. Running alongside the exhibition, a number of off-site events and educational workshop will turn Malmö Konsthall and its' surroundings into a think tank.> >

DURATION: November 15, 2014 - March 1, 2015

LOCATION: Malmö Konsthall, S:t Johannesgatan 7, SE-205 80 Malmö, Sweden


Olafur Eliasson and David Adjaye
Your black horizon Art Pavilion
Lopud Island, Croatia

Your black horizon Art Pavilion is an interdisciplinary project by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect David Adjaye, commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, in which the fields of art and architecture are merged into an “interlocking equation”, wherein ephemeral visual appearance and architectural formulations exist simultaneously. Inaugurated in June 2005 as an official project at the 51st Bienniale di Venezia, the pavilion has found an (im)permanent home on the island of Lopud in Croatia.> >

DURATION: June 14 - September 28, 2014

LOCATION: Lopud, Croatia


Atopia: Migration, Heritage and Placelessness. Works from the TBA21–Collection

A new exhibition, developed in collaboration with the Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ), Guadalajara with a selection of artworks from TBA21’s collection of contemporary art, traces a growing interest in place-specific narratives, dealing symbolically with the gaps and slippages between topos and atopos, space and non-space, the global and the specific practices of cultural in-betweens and hybridization.

A selection of the TBA21–Collection, with a strong focus on artists from Latin America, is presented for the first time in the Americas – Mario García-Torres, Rivane Neuenschwander, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Thomas Nordanstad, Allan Sekula or Los Carpinteros.

DURATION: May 14 – October 5, 2014> >

LOCATION: Museo de Arte de Zapopan
MAZ, Andador 20 de Noviembre 166, Zapopan, Mexico


Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition

A major new site-specific exhibition on Isla del Coco, 550 kilometres off the coast of Costa Rica. Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition engages the narrative and legal identity of the island, contrasting historical legends of buried treasure with the island’s real status a natural treasure worthy of protection. In so doing the project embellishes the ‘treasure island’ imaginary by interrogating models of spectatorship and property rights, while venturing the question ‘How can an exhibition create its own legend?’> >


Simon Fujiwara
Brother, 2014

Simon Fujiwara’ project Brother commissioned by TBA21, will send the artist on an investigative expedition into a fictional past and to the very real island of Jamaica:

“It won’t matter much to you, but my mother was once married to a man whose name I was never told, whose face I have never seen and who I had not heard about at all, not even a hint, until I was 22 years old. What if my mother and this man had had children? (She claims she didn’t, for the record). Could I have a brother? A half-­Jamaican, half‐British brother? A musician, perhaps, like his father? Or an artist, perhaps, like me? A new world opened up to me, a new version of myself that I now seemingly had no choice but to accept, to understand and to explore.” (Simon Fujiwara)> >