TBA21 with Olafur Eliasson
Green light – An artistic workshop


Green light is an act of welcoming, addressed both to those who have fled hardship and instability in their home countries and to the residents of the cities receiving them.” —Olafur Eliasson


Green light – An artistic workshop is a project by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, initiated in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna (TBA21). Conceived in response to the present challenges arising from mass displacement and migration, the project shines a green light for asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants and encourages civic engagement.

At the core of the project is a fundraising campaign, supported by donations given in exchange for Green light lamps. Members of the Green light community have supported with their donations the work of our partnering NGOs: Emergency and Caritas.  

The Green light lamps are attractive, sustainable LED lamps produced in a collaborative artistic workshop by refugees and visitors. Each Green light lamp consists of a wooden frame made from European ash, nodes of 100 percent recycled PLA, twine made from used plastic bags, cable ties of 100 percent recycled nylon, and a green LED. The lamps come in eco-friendly packaging.


Green light – An artistic workshop is now closed, and Green light lamps are no longer available. We thank everyone who contributed and supported the cause of Green light.